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Maybe a little honesty is in order. Civil society has devolved in pretty much direct proportion to a leftist movement that launched in the 1970s and, today, entertainers make millions and receive awards rapping out lewd and vulgar lyrics; otherwise reasonable movies make sure to put enough vulgarity into their films to earn an R or higher rating; celebrities act out in public displaying some of the most degrading expressions imaginable; notorious personalities use the most perverse of language to make a political or social statement. It is an ugliness that has become not just fashionable but requisite in mixed company to express sophistication and intelligence. In the world of “the arts” it is it is called “groundbreaking,” “edgy,” “advanced,” even “honest.” Lewdness is corrosive and destructive, whether on a bus, in the locker room, on stage, in the entertainment media, on the campaign trail, or in the Oval Office. We as a society of hypocrites accept it, even embrace it, and then salivate at the opportunity to use it against a political foe. That indeed makes us what Jesus called “whitewashed tombs full of dead mens’ bones.”

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