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Bringing more than four decades of experience in management, agriculture, marketing, finance, business, government, and applied research.  

Myles Culbertson grew up in the ranching and cattle business, managing large ranches in New Mexico and Colorado.  In his varied career, he has been engaged in agriculture, banking, international trade, border economic and technological development, regulation & law enforcement, border security, and management of specialized projects for both industry and government; often spanning the US/Mexico border.  Over the years his history has also included public service as Executve Director of two state agencies, under four governors, addressing numerous domestic and international economic, regulatory, and resource issues.  

Myles is former Executive Director of the New Mexico Border Authority, wherein he took a lead role in advancing New Mexico's border economy and ports of entry, and in the development of the Santa Teresa International Port of Entry.


As Director of the NMSU/PSL Product Surety Center and Project Manager of the FDA Product Surety Working Groups Initiative, he directed the planning and facilitation of a series of anti-counterfeiting/anti-tampering working groups for both foods and pharmaceuticals, involving key national and multinational industry representatives as well as FDA, USDA, FBI, and other agencies of government. He was Program Manager for the PSL/FDA Food Products Safety Laboratory and the Counter-terrorism Chemical Technologies Laboratory.  In addition, Myles was the Project Manager for development of the "PREDICT" risk-based automated entry examination system, a computerized risk assessment tool presently used by the FDA for more effective inspection of imported products.   While at NMSU/PSL he was part of the project group teaming with Raytheon Corporation, and later with BAE Systems, to develop, field-test, and deploy advanced border security detection and surveillance technologies.  Myles is a recipient of New Mexico State University's Research Achievement Award.


As Executive Director of the New Mexico Livestock Board, he directed and oversaw the regulatory and law enforcement mandate of New Mexico's oldest agency, charged with protecting the health and ownership of livestock in the state.  The agency is also responsible for emergency response and agricultural security involving natural and intentional danger to livestock and the economy they represent, working closely with federal and state homeland security organizations as well as with officials in all the border states in both the United States and Mexico.  Under his watch, the Livestock Board dealt with numerous critical animal health issues including but not limited to Bovine Tuberculosis, Equine Piroplasmosis, Trichomoniasis and Vesicular Stomatitis, and was an integral component to the state's response to natural disasters including several large destructive fires.

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