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Myles Culbertson Partners can provide all or a tailored combination of services to prepare and equip you for successful government and legislative relationships.  Your issues and interests can be presented to lawmakers, policy makers, and regulators in such a way as to credibly advance your own position, presented by you and your own organization.  We will help you with the tools and capabilities to accomplish your goals by a three step progression of initial assessment, strategic planning, and follow-up support.


1. Initial Consultation to Understand Your Needs and Issues


We will meet with you to initially analyze and define your needs and the issues at hand.  A discussion of those issues in the context of our services will provide a preliminary concept for development of the best strategy.  We will provide a Strategic Planning Proposal for your consideration.  There is no consulting fee charged for this service, and you will be responsible only for our expenses.  You are under no obligation to go further with our services.



2. Development of Your Government Affairs Strategy


If you choose to engage us we will facilitate development of a government affairs strategy that fits your needs and your budget. Our strategic planning exercise is designed to clearly identify the right objectives, resources, and actions to achieve your overall government relations goals.  The plan will also identify a recommended combination of our support services.  We will deliver to you a full report, including your strategic plan, recommended tools and resources, and our proposal for providing ongoing follow-up and maintenance in support of the plan.  



3. Tailored Support Geared to Your Effectiveness and Success


A proper combination of our support services will be identified and made part of your government affairs strategy:


Strategy review to assure your plan remains current and relevant to your needs

Legislative research, congressional bill tracking and analysis, email updates and recommendations

Identifying key opportunities to advance client's priorities with the legislature or congress and the administration

Identifying potential agency funding opportunities

Guidance on regulatory policy and compliance

Targeted newsletters to ensure clients are well-informed about policy developments.

Legislative Issue Alerts

Detailed regulatory tracking, analysis, and e-mail updates

Pertinent committee hearing attendance and e-mail updates

Personally crafted meeting requests and scheduling

Formulation of your issue paper used as a “leave behind” in your various meetings

Personally tailored monthly reports

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